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A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Name Course Tutor College City Date Introduction Social media has gained prominence in recent years with many people preferring to spend a significant part of their time on its sites to build their connections. It has emerged as one of the most common and beneficial inventions for not only individuals to interact, but also companies to carry out their activities. For companies, social media represents promotional and marketing opportunities that go beyond the standard agents and middleman and connects organizations directly with consumers (Sajid 2016). In short, it has redefined the way in which business used to market their products. Businesses are now more than eager to tap into the potential created by this situation with many having established successful social media campaigns and strong presence in these sites to boost their sales revenue generation and overall productivity. For instance, big companies such as IBM and Starbucks are continually exploring social media promotion projects. Despite these organizations being skeptical about the viability of social media, they have now embraced it as one of the most effective and important marketing tools. Thus, with the potential significance and beneficial factors rendered by its use, this paper critically analyzes the role social media has played in transforming marketing communications, promotions, and advertising. What is Social Media? Ideally, there has not been a specific definition of social media to date. Perhaps it may be because of the continuous evolution and advancement of the

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