Sexual Harrasment

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Sexual Harassment Author’s Name: Institution: Abstract This research paper focuses on women as a marginalized group in the society. It examines sexual harassment as a major problem facing women and aims at clearly indicating what sexual harassment entails. To achieve this, three definitions from different sources are highlighted. The research further gives examples of some of the activities that can be termed as sexual harassment in the workplace. Then a discussion on how the concept developed follows with a focus on the early years. The research advances with an examination on how the society has historically responded to this issue. The Focus here is on the Anti-Rape Movement of the 1960s/70, Dr. Hill testimony against Clarence Thomas in 1991 and the #Me-too social media campaign in 2017. The effects of each of these responses have also been highlighted. Additionally, the research also examines some of the major milestones and policies that have been implemented to combat sexual harassment, e.g., the Civil Rights Act and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The paper concludes with a personal opinion as per the current trending debates on the issue. Definition The term was used by Dr. Mary Rowe in 1973 in a report entailing the forms of gender-related issues (Sexual Harassment Training Workshops). There were no proper channels of reporting or supporting women who faced sexual harassment in the early history. Additionally, few women back then could tell what sexual harassment was. As Sheila Nervin states, "being touched by a man inappropriately was part of the rules of the game…I had no way of knowing… I had no one to go to, and I did not

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