Service Oriented Architectures

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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date Service Oriented Architectures Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) is one of the most used styles in software design. In this style, services are created and directed to various components via application components. A specific communication protocol is used over a network to provide these services. The primary principles of the SOA are not affected by technologies, products or vendors (Papazoglou and Willem-Jan 393). SOA helps users bring together large aspects of functionality thereby establishing applications that contain existing services and as well integrate them in an extemporary fashion. The service created allows the formation of an interface which enables the requester abstract the complexity that exists and hence acts as the black box (Papazoglou and Willem-Jan 397). Other users are capable of accessing the independent services regardless of the knowledge or any components of the internal implementation. These features of SOA enable IT professionals to perform various enterprise computing activities effectively. For instance, the architecture refines web services through the use of service concept. It allows for the introduction and implementation of service virtualization, service bus, as well as service composition. All of these services can be used in creating a suitable structure which fosters various benefits as far as service providence is concerned. Apparently, for the SOA architecture to prompt effectiveness, the enterprise' needs, costs and potential should be considered. Through the structure of the SOA, enterprise agility is easily achieved. It enables the various

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