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The Advantage and Disadvantages of Credit Cards Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation The Advantage and Disadvantages of Credit Cards Draft copy Credit cards offer convenience to users in that they don’t need to carry significant amounts of money from place to place so as to purchase something. Carrying large sums of money might be dangerous as one may be susceptible to a mugging by thugs. Credit cards ensure that you can buy whatever you want by just swiping your card. They also offer instant cash when you don’t have the necessary money to buy a particular item that you urgently need or pay for vital services in case of emergencies. You don’t need to have money in your card to purchase. As the credit card provider usually issues you a kind of soft loan that you later refund. Credit cards allow online purchase and sales. Online transactions are liked by many due to the convenience they offer. You can buy almost anything you require at the comfort of your home or while traveling. Credit cards help you to purchase any product that you intend to buy over the internet, something that cash is no capable of doing. The major disadvantage of credit cards is that they attract high-interest rates. Many fines are imposed by credit card providers for the failure to make payments on time. These fines and debts can accumulate over time leading to massive debts that cannot be easily paid from one’s income. Many people have as a result been rendered bankrupt and their plans in life destroyed. Final copy The primary reason for the use of credit cards is the convenience that they offer. Credit cards eliminate the need to carry huge sums of money from place to

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