Security Management in the 21st Century

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Security Management in the 21st Century Student’s Name Institution’s Name Security Management in the 21st Century There is no consensus on what entails security but rather an amorphous description on the line that state of satisfying stability. Today, poverty, the wellbeing of persons and threats to the environment are considered negative impacts on security (Tziarras, 2012). Globalization gets partially attributed to as the reason there are increased threats to security in the 21st century. Globalization is not a new concept to humanity as it dates back many years. However, there are specific aspects of globalization that are security threats (Tziarras, 2012). Sound security management in the 21st century demands that one gets acquainted with such dangers as technology evolution, and spread of liberal trade and economy. On each wake, there are technological threats towards security. The most rampant is the use of mobile communication gadgets to exercise terrorism. In 2016, the FBI and Apple had to face each other in court such Apple could help unlock an iPhone that was used by terrorists. Mobile phones have made communication more accessible but also increased the sphere of security watch guards (Keegan, 2016). Technology has enabled North Korea to engage in acts of mass murder weapons despite the directive of the United Nations Security Council to desist from such actions. There are several spheres in which evolution in technology continues to pose security problems. Capitalism advocates for economic security rather than military security as has been the case in the past. In the 21st century economic power seems to have shifted from the west to the

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