Search Engine/Database Comparison and Self Reflection paper

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Search Engine/Database Comparison Student's Name Professor’s Name Search Engine/Database Comparison Introduction Clinicians and allied healthcare professionals have to access evidence-based literature in their professional settings. Such kinds of literature are available either as journal publications or open resources. Hence, different search engines are used to retrieve such information. However, the concerned stakeholders must ensure that the source of the searched information is reliable, valid, and authoritative. It is often noted that professionals and students often access certain search engines which promise ease of retrieving information, however; such information may be too generalized or not peer-reviewed (Hunt, Jaeschke, and McKibbon, 2000). The present article compared the dynamics of retrieving health information through a general search engine ( and a specific clinical search engine ( The search dynamics would be evaluated based on the authority, reliability, accessibility, and popularity. Case Brief The health topic that was taken up for the search was "Causes of Hypertension." The search through the Google webpage ( produced 5, 71,000 results with the URL ( On the other hand, the same keywords were fed in Pubmed (,mcolib_fft_ndi&otool=mcolib&myncbishare=mcolib) produced

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