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Schizophrenia Name Institution Schizophrenia Based on Sydney’s behaviors, she is most likely suffering from positives symptoms as her thoughts seem distorted from normal thinking and functioning. She demonstrates psychotic behaviours where most of the time she is unable to differentiate what is real from the imagined (Andreasen et al., 2012). As such, some of the common symptoms that she experiences include hallucinations whereby she hears or imagines that she is seeing people who are not present. Sydney experiences delusions since she believes in things that are not true. For instance, she claims that her brother used to fish for crappies when she was young but when she grew up, the crappies came back as people. Sydney also demonstrates thought disorders as most of her thoughts are quite unusual. Hence, she has a problem organizing her ideas, which alters the sense in her statements. Sydney also elicits movement disorders that occur as agitated body movements. For example, she throws herself on the chair without minding whether she could get hurt and almost spits at Carlos. Sydney is experiencing symptoms of altered perception such as illusions, hallucinations, and paranoid thinking. She displays more of auditory hallucinations whereby she has a tendency of accusing people who are not there. For instance, she runs into the lobby shouting, shut up! Shut up!; she also calls people fish heads and crappie heads. Paranoid thinking is characterized by the fact that she feels threatened by unknown people who are following her, in this light; she claims that the strange people cannot follow where she is. Sydney also experiences illusions that arise from

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