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  Business Plan for a Pharmaceutical Retail Company Name Institution Affiliation Business Plan for a Pharmaceutical Retail Company SWOT Analysis Strengths. Alima Pharmacy's greatest strength is the wide collection of prescription and over-the-counter drugs from leading manufacturers in the United States and selected countries. The company seeks to create a strong brand reputation as a one-stop-shop for different types of medications. All products sold by Alima Pharmacy can be picked directly from the pharmacy’s retail stores by walk-in customers or be delivered by mail order. The company strives to scale up the mail delivery side of its business and to reduce its prices so as to attract more customers and increase sales. The second strength is excellent staff that is highly trained in product knowledge and customer service. The company believes that customer service excellence provides opportunities for business growth (Srivastava, Bartol & Locke, 2006; Watkins, 2009). In this regard, the company endeavors to offer regular training and development opportunities to make its employees more competent. Opportunities for training and development will be offered both internally and externally. The third strength is excellent relationships with local physicians and hospitals. Alima Pharmacy believes in strategic partnering as an important business strategy with potentials to facilitate rapid business growth. The company has established extensive mutually-benefiting collaboration with physicians and general practitioners to get referrals. To make these partnerships more benefiting, the company is seeking to build a positive reputation as a provider of

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