Same Sex Policies

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Same-Sex Policies Author’s Name Institution Introduction Same-sex denotes sexually oriented relationships that are characterized by partners of the same sex. Among the women, such people are called lesbians while among the male people they are called gay. This culture was however not found in many states from long ago. Some few states, especially those in Western Europe started the culture. This spread to other many states including Argentina in the recent past centuries. Despite same-sex being accepted, it has encountered a lot of opposition especially from religious groups like the Catholic Church and some conservative forces. Organizations like the United Nations and groups formed like LGBT have pushed for equality of the same-sex people making it possible to evolve their policies in the bill of rights. They still fight against stigmatization and discrimination. Summary After Latin America got its democracy back, new social legislation was adopted including same-sex marriage policies. This was tiresome due to the encountered oppositions like from the Catholic Church. Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, was the first locality to adopt civil union laws in 2002. In 2010, it was among the ten countries worldwide to adopt the same-sex marriage law on a national level (Crocker, 2012). Over the past decade, other Latin American countries adopted the same laws due to the influence of both internal and external developments. Diffusion is the process by which characters are transmitted. Many authors have different theories on the diffusion of values. Emanuel Alder thinks it as a cognitive evolution. Everett Rogers thinks socialization facilitates diffusion. Sara

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