Safety and Health Recognition

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Safety and Health Recognition A sign of relief is always experienced when the safety of an individual is guaranteed in all perspectives. However, when that safety is ignored, and the person is predisposed to various hazards, the sign of relief changes to anxiety. An individual can become anxious due to lack of safety. This study explains the emerging strategies for coming with safety and health recognition measures. The study will explain the methods used to describe these safety recognition measures. One of the strategies that are emerging in the construction of security and health recognition is the hazard identification and evaluation strategy. According to the health and safety journal, workers are mandated to identify the hazards that exist in the workplace. The employees have a vast scope of experience in their different workplaces, and as case, they can use such knowledge and experience to identify which action can expose them to hazards (Choi 54). They use their free time to educate new employees since the safety concern is an individual role. After identifying the hazard, the strategy continues to reveal how the employees can evaluate the hazard and know how to prevent the hazard from becoming an accident. The strategy has been found useful especially in the construction industry where many predisposing factors can lead to an accident. The strategies depend mostly on the worker's experience and knowledge for it to work effectively. Another sort of strategy that is highlighted in the safety journal is the causation models strategy. The causation model strategy involves identifying the causes of health hazards and then formulating a method to mitigate these

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