Roman Republic from Julius Caesar to the rise of the principate under Augustus.

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Romans Republic History from Ceaser to Augustus Regime Introduction Roman republic has undergone a lot of revolution in history during Julius Ceaser's reign. Roman republic then did not have any written constitution however the nation was being run by mutual agreement scenario, which was being referred as a way of our ancestors (Hunt et al. 77). The administration was being run by annually elected elders who are answerable to the senate. However, at the near the end of the second century, the system began to disintegrate, when politicians began to push the acceptable limits. Violence broke in as one of the modes of resolving domestic conflicts. The process of disintegration took around one century, which is currently referred to as Roman revolution by many as a Roman revolution. Julius Ceaser and His Reign Ceaser Julius Gaius, born on July 12 100 BC, grew during the period of unrest and civil war in Rome. The growth of Roman Empire had rendered Roman workers unemployed due to the presence of cheap labour provided by the slaves. This had created a lot of social uproar across the nation. After the death of his father, he chose to support Marius who was against the dictator Sulla. He was arrested by the oppressive regime but was pardoned. Ceaser fled and joined an army that crushed Spartacus’ slave rebellion, however, he came back to Rome to further his education. On winter when he was travelling to Rhodes Island he was captured by pirates who charged a huge ransom, after his release, he cracked them down and crucified them (White 338). This action ended piracy and ensured the safety of Romans property. After such

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