Roman Authorities and a Christian on Christianity

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Roman Authorities and a Christian on Christianity Christians and Christianity presented to the Roman officials with political and social issues. Socially, Christianity taught a value system of humility, charity, and brotherly love, which were contrary to the classical Greco-Roman values CITATION Spi13 p 168 l 2057 (Spielvogel 168). Additionally, Christians disregarded the Roman gods, and this was viewed as treason as it undermined the security of the state. Politically, the Christian movement presented a potential threat to the Roman authority. Christianity had the capacity to transform the Jewish expectation of a messianic kingdom into a revolt against the Romans CITATION Spi13 p 168 l 2057 (Spielvogel 168). The Romans were even more suspicious when Christians held their meetings in secret. The interchange between Pliny and Trajan indicates much about the essence of Christianity. Christianity is depicted by Pliny as having spread widely in all demographics in the Roman empire CITATION Spi13 p 171 l 2057 (Spielvogel 171). The response by Trajan shows a permissive attitude towards Christianity. This shows that there was an unspoken understanding that the nature of the Christian movement was not political. Trajan’s response is an indicator of political wisdom. The aim of the advice given by Trajan is to maintain the semblance of justice without any obvious agitation on their part. He says the Christians should not be actively sought out but if brought in, should be punished for their obstinacy if they do not renounce the faith CITATION Spi13 p 171 l 2057 (Spielvogel 171). Origen's defenses against Celsus were social, moral and theological. On social and moral matters,

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