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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Mountaintop Removal Date Introduction Mountaintop removal is one method of mining which involves removal of mountain summit by use of explosives to expose underneath coal seams. In the recent past, mountaintop removal has received mixed reactions and arguments on its validity. The paper explores to identify pros and cons associated with mountaintop removal and give personal stand on the matter. Advantages According to Bernhardt, Mountaintop mining offers a cheaper way of coal extraction compared to other methods such as traditional tunnel digging. Moutain removal mining saves on effort and time. Explosives expose vast volumes of coal with minimal effort and time. The mined coal from mountaintop removal helps in releasing high energy demand. Demand for energy has gone up by significant margins due to increased population and industries requiring power in accomplishing their various activities. Others in support of coal mining through mountaintop removal argue that coal energy if safer than other fossil energy. Disadvantages According to Palmer, mountaintop removal results to a lot of negative impacts to the society and environment. Mountaintop removal fills up streams and leaves vast acres of land bare where trees cannot re-grow. Explosives used at mine sites during mining damage foundations of nearby homes. According to Lindberg, other negative impacts of mountaintop removal involve drying of water wells, a decline in aquatic species and birds due to environmental pollution, and exposing the large population to safety and health hazards. Conclusion Mountaintop removal has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore,

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