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Clinical Decision Support System: QMR Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Clinical Decision Support System: QMR Lack of sufficient information for medical practitioners affects the practice negatively. For example, it can lead to the wrong diagnosis. Having a lot of information available for the practitioner can also cause adverse effects in the profession. When there is too much information at the practitioner's disposal, extracting the relevant information becomes a challenge. Clinical decision-making process thus becomes slow or inaccurate. The problem of having too much information was the problem came about in the 19th century. There was a rapid explosion in the volume of medical information physicians had to peruse before making a decision. This made it hard to address emerging issues and questions in the field sufficiently. Most of the problems were either poorly answered or not answered at all. There were worries that those factors would lead to bad decisions being reached (Miller et al., 1986). Making a wrong decision in the medical field can have adverse results. Those factors necessitated the development of clinical decision support systems (CDSSs). CDSSs are computerized systems that assist physicians in making clinical decisions. Most of them take in a patient’s information, compare it with a knowledge base or algorithm generated report, then give recommendations to the physician. One example of CDSS is the Internist-1 and later the Quick Medical Reference (QMR). The Internist-1 experiment started as an academic project at the University of Pittsburgh. The idea of the project was conceived in 1972 and 1973 at the university (Lemaire et al.

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