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Research Critique Name: Institution: Research Critique Title Of The Research Article Hevener, S., Rickabaugh, B. & Marsh, T. (2016). Using a decision wheel to reduce the use of restraints in a medical-surgical intensive care unit. American journal of critical care, 25 (6), 479-486. Type Of Research Quantitative research The researchers have tried to quantify the information in numeric data for purposes of testing a theory. Additionally, the research focuses on the cause and effect relationship to determine if the use of restraints in the intensive care units can be reduced without increasing harm on the patients. The use of quasi-experimental design and the tools of data collection help the researchers to achieve the intended results and investigate the problem in a more effective way. The focus of the research is on a single subject and all the variables used in the study are aimed at achieving this single focused information. Moreover, the researchers have been able to use descriptive analysis to determine the perception of nurses on the use of tools to verify the appropriateness of restraints in the ICU. Purpose of Study The purpose of the study was to determine if the use of restraints could be reduced in the medical-surgical ICUs without increasing harm to the patients. Secondly, the study sought to determine if a decision-making tool, namely, the restraint decision wheel (RDW), was useful for bedside nurses in determining if a restraint was necessary (Hevener, Rickabaugh & Marsh, 2016). The use of restraints in the ICUs has been the cause of unnecessary deaths and injury among the patients. Therefore, it is necessary for healthcare facilities

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