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Title Name Institution Cork, L. L. (2014). Nursing Intuition as an Assessment Tool inforPredicting Severity of Injury in Trauma Patients. Journal of Trauma Nursing, 21(5), 244-252. I. Introduction. Gut instinct as a skill is a delicate area in the practice of nursing because many are the times the gut instinct will contradict some formal procedures. Some experts on the issue have argued that intuition is not as abstract a concept rather a rational process that develops out of years of experience in dealing with a similar situation and that it relies on the ability to pick out patterns and act on them (Cert & Wilcockson, 1996). However, that is not the purpose of this critique. In 2012, Loral Cork concluded her two-phased research that had been going on for two years, and she concluded that intuition was a necessary tool in nursing practice. Cork’s recommendation was that for effective utilization of this concept, the experienced nurse should be paired with the novice to enable the latter explores the rationale of some of the decisions of some of the intuitive decisions (Cork, 2014). With a sample of 8 charge nurses and 393 medical records in phase I and II, respectively, a correlation was established experience and the use of the gut instinct as an assessment tool. This paper examines Cork’s research to see how applicable the study is to real emergency department situations. II. The statement of the Problem The topic is the applicability of nursing intuition. It is hard to substantiate such an abstract concept in such a practical profession. And this makes the substance of the research a problem. Decision making in the emergency room makes use of

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