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Student’s Name Course Instructor Course Title Date Reflection on my life journey In this world, people are born in different environments. It is through socialization that a child comes to learn the norms and values of the society. However, the environment plays a very vital role in shaping the future life of the child (Ryan, 2) I grew up in an environment that was very challenging. Although my father was a businessman and always travelling a lot, our family would struggle to meet the basic family needs. My mother was very strict when it came to school, and she made sure that we attend our classes without skipping. I put a lot of effort in my school work, and to date, I can proudly say that am proud of what I have achieved so far. Bronfenbrenner Ecological model is helpful when it comes to reflecting on my life journey. The institutions that surrounded me like temples, schools and local support groups shaped my life to become who I am today. On the microsystem, the neighborhood I grew up was very challenging but safe from criminal activities. Although my father earned little money, he was always there to encourage us to work hard in school while my mother would make sure that we attend prayers in the temple. The mesosystem also played a paramount role in my life. My mother was very close to my teachers in school. She would attend school functions because my father was away mostly on business trips. My parents also related well with other people in the community. Therefore, we had a good time growing up. The macrosystem really worked a lot in my growing up. Our culture is that parents are responsible for the growth of the child

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