Race relations

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Student’s Name Instructor Date Racial Relations Police and racial tension are one of the most challenging situations the current Justice Systems face. Despite America being one of the most diversified and liberated countries around the world, the issue of racial conflict between the police and the community, particularly minority groups, is a persistent and delicate problem. There is, therefore, a need for improvement in racial correlations between the police force and the persons they serve. This paper identifies ways in which the existing racial tensions between the two groups can be reduced and eliminated leading to an improved relationship. The present racial conflicts between the authorities and the society are a result of unsolved racism issues dating back to the American history where minority groups were viewed as inferior to the Whites. And despite the approval of the 13th, 14th, and 15th American Constitution amendment that approved Blacks their liberty from slavery and equal rights with the Whites, racial discrimination is still evident in the current world. Additionally, ethnic and ratio pressures are still evident. The media is always broadcasting reports of seemingly racial-related reports, especially ones involving the police departments and African Americans or Hispanics. It is important to note that all police agencies are dependent on their respective communities for their support and mutual aid. On the other hand, the public is reliant on the law enforcement units for security and other services. However, when relationships between the two groups become strained and develop pressures, then neither of the group can obtain benefits. In

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