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RACE AND RACISM Name Course Date Abstract The US is a multicultural country because it almost represents a diverse culture and race. It is also deemed as a country of immigrants and has over the years faced and is still facing several racial problems. Race and racism have always been the commonly debated topics when it comes to societal issues. Racism has evolved over the years, and individuals are discriminated due to their differences in skin color, beliefs, religion, and cultural backgrounds. Racism can be defined as an injustice that is based on someone’s race. It is the conviction of superiority by a certain race over the other races, for example, whites felt superior over the blacks. Even though racism is decreasing, it has been linked with war, violence, and aggression worldwide. The researcher’s practice of outlining his or her point of view in relation to the research, with the connotation that this perception may sway aspect of the research, like the collection of data or the interpretation of the study. This paper analyzes the theory of positionality and checks the dialogical technique in which the research position is planned by both the participants and scholars involved in the research. It also talks about the “insider/outsider” argument. It is vital to express a scholar's positionality as an “insider” by observing “others” (participants) comparable to oneself. Moreover, it will discuss the injustices of race and racism by analyzing Frantz Fanon's book "The Wretched of the Earth" and draw examples from an accepted culture film "The Blind Side" by Jon Lee Hancock." Keywords: race, racism, culture, societal issues, film,

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