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Quilling Activity Name Institutional affiliation Quilling Activity The essay sheds light on revealing some features and creativity regarding quilling. In fact, many people prefer sewing or knitting as it requires a lot of efforts and specific tools to handle. However, quilling is more exciting and unusual activity which provides many advantages. The area of occupation quilling applies to leisure and occupational therapy. Initially, it is craftwork involving pieces of paper that should be rolled into specific shapes and glued together to create a masterpiece. This activity has caught the attention of people from all over the world as it can be viewed as occupational therapy. There are some different groups taking quilling as a treatment. Quilling develops humans’ motor skills, improves attention and eyesight, increases mind abilities as it requires a rigor approach to create an artwork. Motor skills. Quilling develops different motor skills such as reaching for material, bimanual UE movement, coordination of movement, hand manipulation, and stabilizing Processing skills. Quilling requires the person to pace his/her movements consistently throughout the process. A person must use and handle tools and materials properly. He/she must sequence the steps, logically placing the materials in the workplace. The context of the environment Quilling does not require any specific environment. The most important is that all the things must be easily accessed. There must be enough light, and the place of activity must be comfortable to sit, so no harm for posture and sight is caused. Grading up and adapting the activity. Grading and adaptation help people to

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