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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Questions and Answers What were some of the problems unions faced in their battles with the industrial leaders? What was the biggest obstacle for unions? In the battle with the industry leaders, unions faced a lot of problems. Some of the issues touched on their job stability that was at risk, their pension protection, and retrogressive legislation that derailed their progress. However, the biggest obstacle that the unions faced was the lack of trust. Unions comprised of different ethnic groups that did not agree with each other. What were some of the large corporations and trusts that J.P. Morgan and his investors formed? Why was he forming trusts? J.P.Morgan was a powerful banker during his era. Together with his associates, he was able to establish the American Bridge company, American Telephone and Telegraph, General Electric and Federal Steel Company. Through his companies, he was able to stabilize the American financial markets during economic crises. J. P. Morgan formed his trusts to eliminate his competitors (Hannah 213). He used his influence and reputation to encourage the formation of mergers and trusts in sectors where he noticed competition. What was the difference between horizontal and vertical integration? How did Rockefeller use integration? In horizontal integration, a company acquired a similar entity that operated in the same sector, whereas vertical integration involved the acquisition of the company that operated either before or after the acquiring entity in the production practice. Rockefeller used both vertical and horizontal integration to expand operations. Once John Rockefeller

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