Quality Street – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Short story)

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Student’s Name: Professor: Course: Date: Quality Street by Chimamanda Ngozi AdichieBullet points: Relationship, headline, the clash between classes People go through life changes especially when they go to live in a foreign place with a different culture from that which they have grown accustomed. Transformations are part of life that we must embrace. In this regard, Quality Street is a fictional narration about a detached relationship with a daughter and mother after being apart for some time. The story is authored by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie who uses a third-person narration to develop the plot and convey the message in a descriptive form. The story is set in Lagos, Nigeria, and revolves around the issues of relationship, the clash between classes and family. In the Quality Street, Sochienne and Mrs. Njoku bring out the important element of a relationship between mother and daughter. The author talks about the strained connection between mother and daughter from the beginning of the story. The relationship and bond they once had, which had ceased to be due to Sochienne`s change. The writer notes that “One of the few things that Mrs. Njoku and her daughter Sochienne could still do together without Acrimony was drink tea” (Adichie 1). Anyone reading Quality Street can see that they have a tense relationship but Mrs. Njoku still loves her daughter so much that she is willing to compromise things for her. Adichie writes “….so Mrs. Njoku put away the fresh milk and bought tins of Peak condensed milk, which they poured, in a thin stream, into their tea” (1). This statementclearly shows her willingness to connect with her daughter and the love she still

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