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Public Health Education He traveled to the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, and Switzerland and compare them to United States Healthcare. The interviews were quite shocking for this student. They showed that the United States health care costs are higher because of the for-profit model used by the insurance companies in the US. He compared family practices, hospitals, drug costs, and the methods for how the people received medical services and how much the costs were. His documentary was very informative. He broke down each country for how they achieved healthcare for the whole country. These countries spent far less on insurance than the United States. The really shocking part was that most of the public was quite happy about the healthcare they receive from their specific government. That both Japan and Taiwan had the best prices for most procedures and the people are among the healthiest on the planet. Both Japan and Taiwan had more people living per location, than any other country mentioned in the documentary and the cost was still lower. Nothing in this documentary seemed poorly explained. The host spoke clearly when asking appropriate questions. There was convenient close captioning to translate when the people being interviewed did not speak English well. The only downside is how badly the United States healthcare system failed in the comparisons Part 2 It means that the UK government runs the National Health Service. It charges higher income taxes, but the UK believes no one should ever have to pay a medical bill. It is their implementation of a Gatekeeper, which all medical services go through unless it is an emergency. This is a similar role that the

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