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Policy change The specific policy change is being requested to solve the housing problem is the amendment of the housing and act of 1974. Specific of the policy vicissitudes that have been suggested include the following; an increase in system efficiency to provide assistance effectively, timely and equitable to the needy. Another policy change that has been recommended is that the mandate of the HUD to be expanded to give the department power to protect tenants from mass evictions. Lastly, a revision of HUD’s policies has been requested so as to allow more funds to be used in actual rent payment as opposed to tax and a revision of the qualification criteria (Morales, 2016). Additionally, a special body to help minority races pay rent would be useful in helping minorities avoid homelessness. For instance, immediately a person receives a voucher, he or she has around 90 days to find suitable safe housing that meets the requirements of the public housing agency. An inspection process also has to be completed by the public housing agency before his/her home can be approved. People can be given an extension in the event there is a need for it but they have to speak with the public housing office before their voucher expires, or they can lose their voucher (Morales, 2016). Section 8-voucher program is a flexible program whereby; the coupon allows people to move once they have been living on the voucher for a year. Why is policy change necessary and the reason my recommended change in policy the best? Policy changes are necessary for the light of the fact that they will improve HUD's service delivery making the nation's housing crisis to be manageable. My recommended policy

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