Policemen of the World

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Significance of U.S Military Intervention in Foreign Affairs Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Abstract Repeatedly, the United States has been termed as “the global police”. Several questions arise from this epithet. Is this terminology correct? Why does the US feel compelled to exercise military interventions around the globe? Does the US have any responsibility or justification to use military force to accomplish any specific objective? It is imperative to note that since its inception, the US has been involved in most military conflicts often shaping influencing global politics. These wars range from those in the Korean Peninsula to Vietnam and the Persian Gulf, and in all these conflicts, America has played both direct and indirect roles in blood shed. This aspect of American foreign policy has come under sharp criticism from both its citizens and those from other countries. The majority of those that criticize these military interventions argue that the American government failed to intervene in conflicts where its help would have been beneficial, for example the Bosnian Genocide. As such, the paper provides a thesis outline on the history of foreign US military involvement and its repercussions in terms of its foreign affairs activities. Keywords: military action, foreign policy, global police Significance of U.S Military Intervention in Foreign Affairs Part 1: Thesis Statement According to the Economist (2016), the United States has nearly 800 military bases overseas in over 70 countries, a number higher than any other country. The U.S military action on foreign soil has earned it its title as the “global police”, a status that

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