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Student’s Name: Teacher’s Name: Course Name: Date: Analysis of “Before she Died” by Karen Chase When I look at the sky now, I look at it for you.As if with enough attention, I could take it in for you. With all the leaves gone almost fromthe trees, I did not walk briskly through the field. Late today with my dog Wool, I lay down in the upper field,he panting and aged, me looking at the blue. Leaning on him, I wondered how finite these lustered days seemto you, A stand of hemlock across the lake catches my eye. It will take a long time to know how it isfor you. Like a dog’s lifetime — long — multiplied by sevens. Analysis The poem “Before she died” by Karen Chase is a short and interesting piece to read. The paper tries to analyze the poem by responding to specific questions. Essentially, the poem is written by the author and addressed to someone she holds dear. Even though the poem does not specify the speaker, the wording of the lines and the tone of the poem states that the author is the speaker. For instance, the poem begins in the first line, “When I look at the sky…” (Chase 1), identifying her as the speaker. Further, Chase addresses the poem to a person close and dear to her but has passed on. From the title of the poem, the reader can mistake the following events to describe the speaker’s relationship with the deceased before her death (Colton et al. 21). However, the first line, “When I look at the sky, I look at it for you” refers to the poet’s memory of a deceased friend or someone who was close to him or her. Every time she looks at the sky, she reminisces the person who died. Therefore, Chase addresses the

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