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Name: Course Instructor: Date: Understanding Sociology After reading "Understanding Sociology Chapter One" I have learned several things about the community as whole and individual behaviors too. This chapter has shed light on some of the everyday life situations that people go through by focusing on social relationships and how they impact the society and the behaviors of people. I found the sociological imagination a bit confusing but at the same time enlightening. It resonated well with me especially when illustrating how people tend to feel as if they are forced to do certain things in life because of the problems they are facing. For example, there are certain times where I feel trapped and stagnant and whatever job I do I am not able to run away from my current situation. From this chapter, I was able to further analyze some of the social values, social positions as well as study social problems. I also learned how to solve some societal issues by viewing them not merely as an individual's issue but rather as a societal concern. By doing so, I was able to comprehend why people do the things they do in life. Besides, by studying sociology as a science, I am aware that the interactions and relationships between people are usually dependent on where they come from and also the kind of social groups they are associated with. Culture also as I learned, play a crucial part in the community in that it shapes how we act, think and the material objects that influence us. This is why when one goes to a different country or town they experience culture shock because of the different culture they encounter there. Overall understanding sociology has been an exciting

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