Physiological Response to Blood Loss

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Physiological Response to Blood Loss (25% of Blood Volume) Student’s Name University Physiological Response to Blood Loss (25% of Blood Volume) Concerning the case of Johh, the body quickly feels a drop in blood pressure via its cardiopulmonary and arterial baroceptors and subsequently stimulates the sympathetic adrenergic system to activate the heart and constrict blood vessels. The sympathetic stimulation insignificantly affects the coronary blood vessels and brain and, therefore, these flows can gain from the vasoconstriction that happens in other organs that raise systemic vascular resistance and arterial pressure (Schiller, Howard & Convertino, 2017). Reduced organ blood circulation due to vasoconstriction and decreased arterial pressure results in systemic acidosis, which is felt by chemoreceptors. Furthermore, the chemoreceptor reflex then triggers the sympathetic adrenergic system and hence strengthening the baroreceptor reflex (D'Alessandro et al. 2015). Next, the combined impacts of decreased arterial pressure and sympathetic stimulation result in the triggering of humoral compensatory responses. The adrenal glands sympathetic activation activates the catecholamines discharge into the blood, thereby strengthening the impacts of sympathetic stimulation on the vasculature and heart (Schiller, Howard & Convertino, 2017). The kidneys produce more renin after blood loss resulting in increased aldosterone and angiotensin II flowing levels. The activity results in vascular constriction, improved sympathetic activity, activation of vasopressin discharge, stimulation of thirst mechanisms, and increased water and sodium renal reabsorption to raise

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