Personal Statement On Academic Interest

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Name Instructor Course Date Personal Statement On Academic Interest Certainly, business is one of the main facilitators of the global economy and so is the significance of the profession, whereas business often fluctuates in both micro and macro scales, it is my strongest conviction that it plays a crucial role in the definition of the success of the world markets. Notwithstanding that, I have had an unprecedented quest for understanding more about business. Hence, my choice to pursue the course as a means of gaining fundamental knowledge for future practice is unrelenting. Even during the period when I have been at my previous college, which is recognized more for design studies, I was doing a major in business management. At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I believe I will get a perfect opportunity to study international business given that the campus has one of the most established schools of business in the region. As such, a potential transfer will enable me to advance my career goals as well as interests, which I have had over the years. Just as Black in his book Business Statistics: For Contemporary Decision Making hypothesizes, the study of business brings about an understanding of how the world operates both to the entrepreneur and the consumer (Black 31). Substantially, the perception of the business world has changed giving rise to the preference of employees with entrepreneurial mindsets. With the transfer, I believe my knowledge will improve and make me a better person in society capable of changing lives not only through job creation but also mentoring of future leaders in the world of business. Notably, this is the fact that the

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