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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Personal Information Privacy Information technology is a necessity to almost every individual in the world because we always pass information from one individual to another within a short period without necessarily considering distance. These technologies in information include the Internet, websites and mobile application. However, these information technologies which are means of communication require some sensitive information that is personal for approval to use them. The data include the personal mobile number, email, address, and username. Due to the urge and need to communicate, individuals provide some private information to access services. However, some sites violate the policy of privacy through providing these data to marketers without consultation. Privacy limits the power of others over yourself. Therefore, the more someone else knows about you, the more power they have over ourselves. I believe that personal information is a control tool that can be used to affect our decision and shape our behavior. More so, if the information falls into the immoral hands, the private data can be used to cause unlimited harm towards us. I presume that privacy is all about respecting others. Hence, if an organization or service provider must keep something private, then it is disrespectful and unethical to ignore that person’s wish without a compelling reason to do so or without owners’ approval. Sites visited on the Internet, and other numerous sources hold a lot of intimate details of an individual’s life. Revealing such information can leave the subjects vulnerable to abuses. Therefore, I presume that revealing personal

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