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(Name) (Instructors’ name) (Course) (Date) OTC Lab The Abbot freestyle lite is a blood glucose meter that is designed in a manner to work without coding. The Bayer’s Contour next USB is a device that is plugged and played to assess and access blood sugar trends. Both the Abbott Freestyle lite and the Bayer’s Contour next are coupled up with the best and accurate test strips with a bearable size. Moreover, they have big readable figures on display. They both have an illuminated port that guides in inserting a test strip in darkness. Their test strips are most accurate at a normal range of 4-7 mmol/L. Furthermore, they are most accurate at low and high ranges of below 4 and more than 7 mmol/L. However, the Abbott Freestyle lite has a prior model of LCD without color while Contour next USB is made up of a brighter LCD which purposefully placed on a background that is black in color for easy display in darkness. The freestyle lite has a battery that can be replaced since it can over some time before replacement while the Contour is made up of a USB that can be charged with reliable, compatible devices, for instance, a laptop. (Wehmeier, et al., n.p). The freestyle lancets are made from very thin sterilized 28 gauge steel comfort while Buyer Contour next USB use microlet 2 device that has a compact design and ergonomic smooth and simple in testing. The Medicare part B is a medical insurance that covers the blood sugar monitors prescribed by doctors as a durable medical type of equipment. Medicare covers for DME if the DME suppliers and doctors have been enrolled in Medicare. Suppliers and

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