Oryx and Crake

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Student Name Professor Course Title Date due Oryx and Crake review Margaret Atwood authored Oryx and Crake in 2003; around the advent of improvised genetic engineering techniques. It is around this time in that Dolly the sheep was destroyed after a breakdown of the biological experiment. Through the character, Crake, Atwood exemplifies the mindset of the modern world scientists who have put forward their advancements in making significant GMO inventions while ignoring the effects and danger that the organisms may present to human existence. Also, through Oryx, who comes from a poor village and from a family with many children, Atwood has created a hypothetical society that is struggling to cut on overpopulation by selling off their children to the city in what the villagers term as “apprecientship” (Atwood, 66). Moreover, the act of selling children as a means to earn a living is an indicator of the modern society which attaches monetary value to everything. As such, commodification has motivated investment in genetic engineering in the agricultural and manufacturing industry at the expense of the human health. In Atwood’s fictional society, the only foods that are available are GMOs; that is, canned meat, sausages, noodles, and bland sausage juice. Jimmy notes that the world fruits that could ripen naturally are no longer available (Atwood, 87). As such, Atwood tries to put out the fact that the manufacturers of canned foods that contain genetically modified molecules intentionally hold back the true nutritional information, hence, exposing innocent consumers to the deadly effects of GMOs such as cancer and hypertension. Crake performs various biological

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