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Name Professor Course Date Orange Juice Advertisements Innocent Orange Juice company used creative advertisement as a way to create awareness of their new brand into the market. Using YouTube expands their scope of an audience to all YouTube viewers there are, especially since it is a relatively unknown product in the market. Their advertising method is helped by the fun graphics it has, that make it interesting to watch. The target audience for the advertisement is the people who are health conscious, looking to have a product that is healthy, regarding ingredients. This is pointed out by the fact that the advertisement points out to the absence of added sugars and other preservatives, terming it as” all natural.” It also seems to target people in a wide age group, approximately 5 to 45 years of age, all presumably educated due to their awareness of the disadvantages of preservatives and ingredients. The advertisement stimulated my interest since it was a bit catchy and interesting to watch, especially due to its graphics. Tropicana Orange Juice relatively known brand, the Tropicana juice advertisement was more of a directional advertisement that informed their already existing market on how and where to get the product. Since the audience of the advertisement already knows what they want from the company, location and process of acquisition are better suited in this advertisement. The target audience of the advertisement seems to be mainly children and adults with children. This is mainly because the advertisement was played by children, all struggling to

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