Nurses Role in Research

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Nurses Role in Research Institution Name Nurses Role in Research Nursing may be considered to be the core of health and well-being of the population of the United States of America. The institutions and curriculum used should, therefore, prepare holistic professionals with capabilities and mastery of the nursing practices. Nursing research plays an essential part in this process and particularly for the Doctorate of Philosophy in Nursing (Ph.D.) Post Doctorate. The significance of this program is fundamental to, steward the discipline, educate the next generation, and develop the science. Mastering of in-depth knowledge is an essential element to ensure that nursing practices develop progressively. Over the years nursing practices have evolved to advanced levels due to the contributive essence of research that have been conducted to come up with suitable practices CITATION Gro14 l 1033 (Grove, Burns, & Gray, 2014). It is, therefore, paramount that the doctorates student may use the findings of the studies in leadership which is crucial for spearheading important and revolutionary advancement in the policies, nursing practices, and the profession. The developing scholars in the nursing research field require stewards who are more advanced in the profession to guide them into productive research. By integrating fundamental knowledge acquired during research, they can guide to the new researchers, through the findings and publications that have been published CITATION Che10 l 1033 (Chen & Boore, 2010). Recommending appropriate peer-reviewed material to the scholars is crucial especially in understanding the responsibilities and roles of nursing scholars

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