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Student Tutor Course Date Neuroscience Late in the nineteenth century when tuberculosis set in, the actual cause of the disease was not known and it was linked to the famous personalities. Later in the mid-twentieth century, it was discovered that the illness was communicable and that a bacteria caused it. Scientists failed to identify the cure of the drug, till when some doctors discovered Iponiazid. They were optimistic that the medicine would cure the illness. However, the administration of the drug only revealed that the patients expressed relief from stress, with some of them dancing in the halls. Contrarily, the mortality rate remained constant. How possibly could a drug prevent depression and post-traumatic stress disorder? (Brachman 00:00:12-00:01:13). When Iponiazid was discovered, the doctors did not realize its antidepressant properties. Instead, they listed euphoria as a side effect of the drug when managing patients with tuberculosis. Fearing that the symptom might interfere with the ability to cure the illness, they recommended that the drug was only to be administered to patients who were highly emotionally stable and in the extremity of the disease. The consumption of Iponiazid was later discovered to have dire side effects, leading to liver toxicity, suicidal thoughts and rapid weight gain. The other advantageous discovery was that it led to a rise in the levels of serotonin, which is a brain neurotransmitter. Similarly, an antihistamine discovered in the 1950's had a similar effect. The study of antidepressants concentrated on serotonin-related drugs. The series of studies led to the development of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors

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