Negative effects of Second Hand Smoke (SHS) on children.

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Effects of Second Hand Smoke on Children. Name: Institution: Date: Abstract Exposure to secondhand smoke, popularly known as SHS, is one of the most prominent causes of ailments among nonsmokers. It is responsible for heart diseases, triggering asthma, pneumonia, lung cancer, infant deaths and a myriad of other conditions. It was not always like this, and the losses were not attributed to secondhand smoking. However, over time, increased research by scientists and specialists alike has linked SHS to the illnesses mentioned above and eventual deaths. The research has led to the creation of protective measures such the smoking and non-smoking zones that are aimed at ensuring those who do not smoke are not adversely affected by those who do. The actions have not entirely been foolproof and many people, a majority of who are children, are still at significant risk of SHS from places such as in vehicles and their private homes. This paper will explore the harmful effects of SHS on children. Keywords: secondhand smoke, effects, children Adverse Effects of Secondhand Smoke on Children Introduction The most well-recognized definition of secondhand smoke (SHS) is a mixture of sidestream smoke from a burning cigarette combined with exhaled mainstream smoke (Jarvie & Malone, 2008). Individuals who smoke are at risk of contracting ailments that include lung cancer and heart diseases. It was not always apparent, but research has shown that smokers are not the only people in danger. Non-smokers who spend much of their time around smokers are susceptible to suffering from the same ailments smokers do. Those who are at the highest risk are children because of reasons

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