My Food Likes/Dislikes:Smell, Taste, Texture, Appearance, and Culture as Causes

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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date My Favorite Food Fried rice has always been my favorite meal. The smell of the frying rice always makes me drool whenever I walk past the kitchen. A spoonful of fried rice will always take me down the memory lane to the happy moments as I break it down slowly in my mouth before swallowing. The texture, aroma, appearance, culture, smell, and in this case taste are all the variables that influence people’s preferences for different types of food. Although it is intricate to describe the causes of individual preferences of food dislikes and likes, personally, what I was exposed to as I was growing up, society, and smell have all considerably influenced my likeness for rice. Smell plays a huge role in influencing people’s likeness for a certain type of food. People will often prefer dishes with attractive smells. Notably, the taste receptors in our tongues can only detect the primary tastes which are; sour, bitter, and sweet. Nonetheless, the taste receptors cannot detect the fermented smells and yeast, which are mostly present in the volatile oils, and they also play a huge role in influencing society’s preference for a certain type of food. The volatile oils in fried rice will always make me salivate due to the distinctive scent that the rice produces. The eccentric scent due to the frying will always bring out a more appeal to my nose making me enjoy the meal even more. Even though I enjoy fried rice with some added flavor, I do not enjoy consuming it with hot spices. It is quite difficult for me to take fried rice with hot salsa even if it is medium. The hot spice such as chilies always makes my eyes watery as I

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