multinational company ZARA Fashion Retail Company:

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Name Tutor Course Date Multinational Company: A Case Study of ZARA Fashion Retail Company The following is a case study of a multinational corporation, ZARA fashion retail company. An enterprise that operates in several countries is called a multinational company. It has its headquarters in one country where it is managed from and several other operations in other countries known as host countries. Their businesses outside the headquarters are by use of merger or subsidiaries. Multinational firms produce, invests, operates and markets their products across the world. Multinational companies engage in activities like manufacturing, exporting and importing in different countries. Generally, any business that derives a quarter of its earnings from operations outside of its countries of origin is considered a multinational corporation ("Which of Your Friends Needs to Learn This Term?" n.p). ZARA is among the leading and most successful fashion retailers in the world. It operates in several countries across all continents with its headquarters in Spain. ZARA is the leading brand of the Inditex group, the biggest apparel retailer in the world. ZARA engages in clothing and accessories. ZARA produces clothes for both genders and children. It produces and supplies its products based on consumer trends. Its supply chain is highly responsive. Products are shipped twice a week to the stores. Once produced, products take between 10 to 15 days to reach the stores. This ensures that products are in the market as soon as a trend emerges. ZARA also engages in home ware like tables, beds cutlery, glassware, and decorative items. ZARA is a successful global fashion retailer and

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