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Name: Instructor: School: Date: Microeconomic Article The article from The Denver Post seeks to guide car buyers, and any other purchaser, over the issue of avoidance of negotiation. The paper brings into light the issues that customers ought to know concerning haggling and lack of it, by giving an example of a car in the buying arena with the tag indicating no haggle. The term means there is no negotiation hence the buyer has to pay the shown price. Although the example in the article is a car, the issue in the discussion can be in link with the buying of any other commodity. This perspective includes even the purchase of services because; there are services which entail negotiation, while others, even of the same caliber, come with no room for negotiation. It is the responsibility of the buyer to decide whether to buy from the negotiating arena or where there is no negotiation. Illustration The main issue in the article is haggling or lack of it thereof, with the purchase of an item. The concern is that; the buyer may not be sure whether the price indicated in the price, and which comes with the tag of no bargaining is a fair one. These sentiments are valid because; in microeconomic realms, the cutting point is in the buyer getting the right value for their money, whether there is negotiation or not. Just as there is a concern for the seller to get the right amount of money for the item of sale, the buyer too ought to get value. The article provides the advantage of the lack of haggling in the product with the tag. When there is no negotiation, there is some comfort to some extent because; the buyer will not have to waste their time and energy engaging in the

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