Men’s Health

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Men’s Health Name Institution Affiliation Date Introduction HIV affects a significant population in the globe. However, it is among the health ailments that contribute to an increase in the mortality rates. The gay men are affected by the virus hence the need for implementation of the intervention strategies. Aspects such as group as well as individual intervention can curb the adverse implications of HIV. Among the factors leading to the HIV, sexual activities contribute highly to the condition. Public education and awareness play a critical role in lessening the adverse effects of the state. Every person has a responsibility in reducing the severe prevalence of the condition. The African Americans are significantly influenced by the status among various groups such as the Latino and the Caucasian. The paper explores the HIV/ AIDs intervention strategies. Addressing HIV at Population Level Voluntary Counseling and testing HIV test is a critical approach to reducing the prevalence at the population level. The method helps people to know their status which may change their lifestyles such as diet. However, testing allows people to access the lifesaving medical care that may curb new forms of infections (Papageorge, 2010). The approach is therefore critical in reducing the transmission behaviors mainly through sexual activities. HIV Treatment The HIV positive individuals should obtain HIV treatment thus helping in reducing the mortality rates. The antiretroviral drugs are essential in lessening the HIV plasma levels. However, the use of the ART drugs has been influenced by the country’s economic status (Pantaleo & Levy, 2016). Individuals from

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