Medicare-Medicaid laws governing rehospitalization

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Medicare-Medicaid laws governing rehospitalization According to the Medicare-Medicaid readmission reduction program, hospitals with high readmission rates can lose out on their Medicare payments. The determination of whether the readmissions are too many is based on the number of readmissions for the conditions of heart failure, heart attack, pneumonia, chronic lung problems and elective hip and knee replacements. This penalty is not imposed for patients in private Medicare Advantage insurance plans. The maximum percentage penalty is 3%. The objective of this law is to increase the quality of care offered by the cover. To avoid the penalties, the measures instituted at the local hospital to reduce readmission include improving the patient education, follow-up and the use of electronic medical records to ensure a continuity of care. The discharge process becomes more efficient with all this measures and readmission rates reduce. Does Obama care include provisions to enhance the field of home care? Obama care includes provisions to enhance the field of home care. The home care section covers the section of the population that is either extremely ill or extremely frail that they cannot access the hospitals. Provisions of the Obama care improve the quality of home care while reducing the cost. The first provision of Obama care is the inclusion of home care among the ten essential benefits. The impact of this provision is that home care is made more appealing that expensive nursing care homes for the elderly, while the level of service delivery is still satisfactory. Where the cost of healthcare still exceeds the reimbursement by Medicaid, Obama care has a provision for

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