McCollough Effect Visual Phenomena & Optical Illusions by Michael Bach

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McCollough Effect Student’s Name Institution Affiliation McCollough Effect  Visual Phenomena & Optical Illusions by Michael Bach are one of the best collections I have come through. They give both reality and variety. What is surprising about the visual illusions is how brainteasing some of them are. How one fails to notice the trick until they get through the explanation. It is also fascinating how some effects change after varying some factors such as the speed of movement. My most favorite effect was the McCullough effect in the color section. I was impressed by this visual phenomenon because it is effortless to prove what was explained in the theory section. Unlike some illusions in the collection, this effect is long-lasting making it easy to understand. Looking at the visual phenomena, it helps me understand the perception of the human brain better. It is intriguing how the brain manages to save an image or a color and reproduce it even after the attention of the eye has changed CITATION Bac15 l 1033 (Bach, 2015). The visual illustration can help in unraveling how the human brain processes and organizes stimuli that our sensory organs detect. They also help in understanding how some the various phenomena can affect the human memory. The nervous system and the brain play a big part in determining how human beings feel, respond and behave. Social Behavioral Sciences and Human Services (SBSHS) deals with human behavior and interactions CITATION Bac15 l 1033 (Bach, 2015). Understanding how the brain and the nervous system work together is, therefore, a fundamental part of SBSHS. As earlier stated, visual illusions can give us insight into sensory

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