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Mark Cuban Name Course Institutional Affiliations AbstractMark Cuban is a renowned billionaire and entrepreneur who rose from a humble beginning. He is famous for owning the Dallas Mavericks, a Basketball team playing in the NBA basketball league. Cuban is the kind that never grows out of ideas, and a man of the modern generation. He is also known for his realistic nature in expressing himself, always offering his opinions regardless of what the rest thinks. This has brought about the rivalry between him and other fellow billionaires. Cuban is married to Tiffany Stewart, and they both have three children, two girls, and a boy. He is known to be a family man and mainly for his belief in instilling self-discipline to his kids. Most of Mark Cuban’s fortune has been realized through the initiation and sale of companies. As a young man, Cuban was self-motivated and ambitious. His love for basketball was outstanding such that he went out to work for purposes of saving some money to buy basketball shoes. Apart from the business he has a good public relation and is a major character in the prominent show, Shark Tank. Cuban’s major investments are in sports, entertainment industry, and technology although he owns some other companies. However, his affluence does not prevent him from showing love and reaching out to the poor through donations. His love for basketball matches that for business in that he cannot miss a game for the NBA basketball and especially when his team is playing. Bibliography When we talk about success through hard

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