main differences between communicating with adults and communicating with children and young people

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Name: Instructor:Course: Date: “Main differences between communicating with adults and communicating with children and young people” Communication is vital in passing information from one person to another as well as assisting people to understand one another and build a positive relationship. Effective communication skills are essential while communicating with children and young people. Communication involves the way in which you approach people as well as how you respond to them. Building positive communication involves showing respect, being clear, listening to others and being considerate to those whom we are communicating with. Communication with adults is quite different from communication with young people and children. While communicating with children it is important to consider the context, communication differences and the age of the children. Communication with children requires one to be clear and avoid ambiguity. Clarity helps children to understand what we expect them to do. The verbal expressions, as well as vocabularies used in the communication, should those that are of the level of the children. One is encouraged to avoid physical contact, be keen and listen to children carefully for communication with children to be effective. Responding to the young people and children should be in the positive. Concentration is important for one to understand what the children are saying. Communication with children should be enhanced by using nonverbal communication skills. These skills comprise of maintaining eye contact, smiling and nodding among others. Children and young people love to be praised and encouraged hence this should be incorporated in

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