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Name Institution Course Date Macy’s Macy’s Company is a department store that operates in Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the continental US. Its headquarters are situated in Cincinnati, Ohio, the US. The division had over 670 stores in 2017 (Pasquarelli 1). Macy’s is a subsidiary of Macy’s Inc. since it was established in 1858. It was the biggest department store firm in the US by retail sales in 2015, but in terms of revenue, it was the 15th-biggest retailer (Macy's 1). It deals with products such as housewares, beauty products, jewelry, furniture, bedding, accessories, footwear, and clothing. Business model Macy’s business model involves a mass-market system without any major customer segments’ differentiation. The firm also targets all potential customers who need general merchandise. The company delivers three main value propositions, which include brand/status, convenience, and accessibility (Business wire 1). The organization establishes accessibility by offering a broad range of options. Its selection involves a wide variety of merchandise such as accessories, apparel, cosmetics, and home furnishings as well as other consumer products. It also delivers convenience by facilitating a simpler life for customers. The majority of its stores are situated at urban or suburban sites especially in densely populated areas where the large population can easily access them (Macy's 1). Macy’s has also online platforms, which helps customers to purchase goods online. Due to its exceptional success, the firm has created a robust brand. In this regard, it is the biggest department store in the county based on retail sales. It has over 158,000

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