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M8D1 Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date Several agencies work jointly to offer better solutions whenever there is an occurrence of an accident. Such organizations include the FEMA, the ERT, and NRC. The purpose of the emergency agencies is to plan on how to manage the disasters within the power plants. The paper identifies and explains the suitable approach to encounter power plant accidents. On the other hand, it also mentions about the significant effect that occurred as a result of 2011 north Anna earthquake. Emergency preparedness would serve as the most appropriate emergency level for the three-Mile Island accident. According to the research, the accident calls for a proper and sufficient response (Ross & Staw, 2017). The level of preparedness enables the state to establish readiness to encounter and respond to any dangerous event that is likely to affect the society. It entails planning, equipping and performing an immediate response to the emergency case. Emergency preparedness establishes a practical plan to train the emergency team on how to manage dangers. It also provides a suitable platform where skilled members can test the effectiveness of their program to handle severe accidents citizens. In 2011, there was a witness of Virginia earthquake which occurred within the North Anna nuclear plant. However, the most significant effect of the accident was the loss of off-site power. Immediately after the crash, there was an automatic shutdown of the power reactor. However, the systems required to keep the station working under normal conditions were safe. Besides, the aftershocks that occurred on the same day had insignificant damage to

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