M7 Discussion – Chronic Illness

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HIV/AIDS. Name: Institution: Date: HIV/AIDS After eight glorious seasons of Two and a Half Men, the producers finally parted ways with Charlie Sheen. They had had enough of the man. His constant partying, heavy drinking and frequent episodes of doing drugs were not doing him any favors. Perhaps the proverbial straw that broke the Camel’s back were the utterances he made against the show’s producer Chuck Lorre. Four years later, Sheen would admit in an episode of Today that he had been battling HIV/AIDS. His life and that of everyone around him would change drastically. He was diagnosed with the disease in May of 2011, about three months after his last season of Two and a Half Men. Naturally, shock and denial are the most common ways people react to being diagnosed with terminal diseases. It was no different with Sheen. He describes thinking of it as a bad dream from which he would eventually wake. He was famed for his party lifestyle and having multiple sexual partners. When he made the admission of live television, he also stated that all his sexual partners were aware of his condition. However, one such partner, Bree Olson, said she was not aware of Sheen’s situation CITATION Par15 l 1033 (Parry, 2015). This sparked debate over the truth of the Platoon star’s statements. It was also discovered that before his admission, Sheen was paying numerous individuals large sums of money to keep the story under wraps. After coming clean, a barrage of lawsuits followed. This would ultimately mean losing more money in legal fees and damages. His life and those of the people around him would never be the same. Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management Diagnosis is

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