Literature Review-Geriatric Paper

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Literature Review-Geriatric Paper Name Institution Introduction The elderly are usually faced with many health defects due to their tender age. Dry mouth is one of the health issues that they normally face as their ages advances. Dry mouth is a health issue that leads to other health defects that leads to loss of tooth or decay. The lack of saliva in their mouth leads to the increase of acid in their tooth, which results in decay or loss. Saliva helps one to taste and digest food. It also helps to remove the food particles that lodge in between teeth. The food particles that usually remain in between teeth are the main cause of tooth decay in the mouth. Lack of saliva also results in cracked lips due to the dryness of the mouth. The dryness of the lips might make it hard for one to talk. These are some of the common health predicaments that the elderly undergo due to their advanced ages. We analyze the impacts of geriatric dentistry and why is vital for a dental hygienist to understand the condition. Analysis In most cases, lack of saliva in the mouth usually leads to a dry tongue, which makes it painful and difficult for one to swallow food and even talk. It is an issue that can affect any age, but the most affected are the elderly. The elderly in this context are people of ages between 55 years of age and above (Midlöv, Eriksson & Kragh, 2009). They are usually faced with the problem of dry mouth. Soreness around the edges of the lips can be experienced due to lack of saliva in the mouth. Since saliva does not exist anymore in the mouth, the elderly people with dry mouth normally have bad breath. Their bad breath is compounded by the fact that saliva does

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