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Maus by Art Spiegelman Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Comparison of Art Spiegelman's Maus to a Comic Book Apparently, Maus is a classic comic book by Art Spiegelman where he uses his prowess in literature to develop a fascinating and catchy story. Primarily, the book is about a boy who had a strained relationship with his father. The author uses animals to represent various characters in the book. The book is mostly written in the war days, and the animal characters are mainly to avoid showing any biases or preconceptions about an individual culture. Maus by Spiegelman when compared to The Great Gatsby by Scott FitzGerald’s they are differences that are noted in the two comic books. The differences are regarding the plot, theme, and conflict (Spiegelman, 2009). Firstly, the plot of Maus is based on the world war days and the Holocaust. The author bases his story on the interviews he had with his father about the world war and the mistreatment of the Jews BY Germans. The plot is based on real-life events that have been recorded in the history of all countries as the facts are known worldwide. However, the high Gatsby is plot mainly based on fictional thoughts of the author and events are created are fictional (Spiegelman, 2009). The plot of The Great Gatsby is about a love triangle between Nick, Jay, and Daisy. The story is based on a fictional town known as West Egg. The events in this book are not widely known as they mostly happened to individual people. As much as both are comic books, their plots differ. For instance, the Maus is based on real-life events while The Great Gatsby is primarily focused on fictional matters. Secondly, the

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