Literary Biography Fugard

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Student Name: Instructor Name: Course Code: Submission Date: Literary Biography of Fugard Athol Fugard was a novelist and author who was known for describing the racism in South Africa through his work. The playwright was born in the year 1932 in Karroo division in South Africa. He was a half cast of European and Afrikaner (Attridge, 1980). His parents migrated to the port of Elizabeth near the Indian Ocean when Fugard was a little boy. He spent most of his childhood in the industrial city. Later he started to set most of the plays while in Port Elizabeth. He studied mechanics at a local college and later went to Cape Town to study philosophy. He also studied social anthropology at the same university. Fugard quit university after three years of admission and started to tour the African continent. He later sailed to the Far East after he became a merchant sailor. He returned to South Africa in 1956 and was absorbed by South African Broadcasting Corporation. He married Sheila afterward. His wife was an actress. The couple started a theatre group and Fugard began to write plays. Fugard moved to Johannesburg whereby he got a clerical work in a nearby court. Fugard mingled with Africans and learned the extent of racism in South Africa (Attridge, 1978). Fugard wrote his first play entitled “No Good Friday” in the slums of Johannesburg. He later wrote his second play entitled” the woman of twenty-five cents”. In the second play, he touched the effects of the racism on the people of South Africa and the vulnerable groups. Fugard was hired by the National Theatre Organization to act as the stage manager due to his marvelous author work. The major play of

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